So, you want to become a soccer referee? You will need to successfully complete an Entry Level or “New Referee” Course.

New Referee Training

The New Referee training course is a 16 hour course with half of the time spent online and the other half in the classroom. It is designed to provide entry level referee skills and information through classroom and field training for candidates. Emphasis is on preparing for youth program participation – including recreational and competitive games. Field emphasis is on practice of specific procedures.

Participants must be at least 12 years old at the beginning of clinic to attend a New Referee course; those under 14 years old will be registered as a Level 9 Referee and can only be assigned to recreational games. Administration of the USSF written examination is included at the course. Minimum passing score is 75%.

Please go to our GameOfficials site .

You/the referee will have to create a New User in our GameOfficials site (box in green, on left). The user should be the referee, and have the referee’s name, date of birth and sex.

You/the referee would take the “New Referee” course.

“New Referee” courses are several sessions which are taken online and must be successfully completed prior to the start of the in class portion – if the online modules are not completed, you/the referee will not be allowed to attend the in class portion. Both the online and the in class portions are about 8 hours each.

There are some “New Referee” courses in August in various parts of the state, but the bulk of our “New Referee” courses are held from late October through the end of March – with more of them after January.

If 12 or 13 years old, the referee registration will be as a Level 9. Upon the referee’s 14th birthday, the referee will be moved to Level 8 in our assigning identity, and will be upgraded to Level 8 at the next annual registration. Level 9 referees are able to referee only recreational Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association sanctioned games. Level 8 referees can referee competitive games, as well as recreational games.


There are costs associated with becoming a referee – you should budget for approximately $100-$125. Referees can quickly earn that back after officiating their first few games. A course fee of approximately $25-$35 (depending on area) covers the costs associated with attending the course. A registration fee of $40 covers your registration with the United States Soccer Federation. You’ll also need a new uniform. Entry level starter uniform kits start around $37 (Source:

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