WisRef Has Gone Virtual!

WisRef has moved the balance of the 2020 recertification courses from an in-person course, to a Virtual course.  There is still online content at the US Soccer Learning Center https://learning/ussoccer.com/referee which needs to be completed prior to attendance in the Virtual course.  We do not have 2020 recertification or “new referee” course listings or any coursework in GameOfficials, as in the past.

After going to https://learning/ussoccer.com/referee select “SIGN UP” in the top right corner, enter your information in ALL the required fields.  The site requires a unique email, meaning that you cannot have the same email as your daughter, son, mother, father or sibling.  This profile is for the Referee – that is, if you are the parent, put your child’s information (including the unique email which can be controlled by you).  Edit your profile information.  Users must be 13 years old or older to be a referee.

If you have a previous US Soccer referee or coach registration, the system should recognize that – if not please contact referee@ussoccer.org before proceeding further.  DO NOT CREATE A DUPLICATE ACCOUNT.  If you have a registration lapse, you may be directed to a “new referee” course instead of a recert course.

The first step is to complete a background screening if you are 18 or older the day you start the process.  This is a national background screening as required by US Soccer this year – the screening is $30 and is good for two years.  This screening normally takes 3-5 days, but may be extended due to the current shutdowns.  You will have to wait until your screening is complete, until you are able to progress to signing up for a course.  This is a US Soccer requirement.

After the successful completion of your background screening, navigate to a course by selecting “COURSES” at the top.  The available courses are:

These courses are “parking lots”, in that they will provide you the opportunity to complete the required coursework, which includes SafeSport (US Soccer requirement for 18 or older), Safe & Healthy Playing Environment, and the Grassroots course which includes the Laws of the Game and a Referee Quiz.

Once you have completed the online modules in the Assignment course, please email Sue Walter sue@wisref.org, and she will provide you a listing of the Virtual courses (recert or “new”).  These courses are held in the mornings, afternoons or evenings, weekdays and weekends.  Courses are scheduled as the Assignment courses demand.  Once transferred from the Assignment course to a Virtual course, there is additional pre-course work which needs to be completed prior to the start of the Virtual course.  The Virtual portion of the recertification course is 2 ½ hours, and 4 hours for the “new referee” course.

We have received rave reviews on the Virtual courses since rolling them out mid-March.  We believe you will find the training useful, and find the Virtual course very beneficial.

When the games start, indications are that there will be many opportunities for you out on the fields, and will provide you the ability to do as many games as you would like.

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