Referee courses are currently closed but will re-open in January and run through mid-April so the New Referee can be out on the fields this Spring

These courses will register the Referee for the 2022 calendar year. 

This course is for new, first time Referees that have not been previously reougistered as a Referee or a previously registered Referee that has had a lapse in registration.

Course Requirements

New Grassroots Referees must:

(1) Complete all US Soccer required assignments in the US Soccer Learning Center

(2) Create a GameOfficials account

(3) Successfully complete all pre-course work

(4) Attend an in-person Virtual on-line course

This is a 16 hour course.

The first 8 hours will be in the US Soccer Learning Center completing their required assignments.

Before the pandemic, you would have then attended an 8 hour in-person course for the remaining 8 hours of training.

The Instruction team has taken those remaining 8 hours of training and split them up this way:

     4 hours additional pre-course work (on your own)

     4 hours Virtual on-line Zoom Course (with Instructors)

This will meet the requirements to register you as a new Grassroots Referee.

These are the steps to register as a 2022 USSF Referee.

1) Create a Referee profile in the US Soccer Learning Center per these instruction: Learning Center Sign-Up 2020-07-30. This profile is that of the Referee, not the parent.  If you have been a Referee or a coach, you will already have an identity; please do not create a duplicate profile.

If you are 18 or older, you will be prompted to pay for and complete a 2-year background check, and complete the SafeSport module – if you turn 18 during a registration period, you will be required to complete the background check and SafeSport in order to continue refereeing.

2) Register in the following course in the Learning Center (further information is listed in this course):  NEW GRASSROOTS REFEREE 2021-ASSIGNMENT COURSE.

3) When in the ASSIGNMENT COURSE, navigate to Courses/My Courses/Go to Classroom/Assignments, and complete the assignments.

4) When finished with 3) above, create a GameOfficials account for assignments following these instructions: GameOfficials Account Setup 2020-07-30

– Referees will be creating an account in our GameOfficials1234 system. Again, this is for the Referee, not the parent. Once the Referee has successfully completed all requirements for their 2021 registration, their 1233 assignment account will be activated.

5) After creating a GameOfficials account, notify, and she will send you instructions for the WisRef Virtual pre-course work.

6) Once the WisRef Virtual pre-course work is completed, again notify for the dates/times for the WisRef Virtual on-line courses (the Virtual on-line courses will be by Zoom).

7) Attend the WisRef Virtual on-line course

8) Badges will be mailed out upon successful completion of all the above steps.

Thanks, and Good Luck!

Thomas Mesalk
Registrar, State Referee Committee
Wisconsin Soccer Referee Development Program

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