Registration is now Closed!

After starting the 2020 recertification courses in November of 2019 and “new referee” courses in January of 2020, Referee registrations for 2020 are now closed.

We have held 87 – 2020 registration year recertification courses, 53 were In-Person and 34 were Virtual.  We have held 36 – 2020 registration year “new referee” courses, 13 were In-Person and 23 were Virtual.


We intend to start 2021 recertification courses possibly in late November, and 2021 “new referee” courses in January.  If we offer any “new referee” courses before that, we will post them on this site.

Our intent is to return to In-Person recertification courses and In-Person “new referee” courses for the 2021 registration year.


Please check back to this site periodically for additional information on the 2021 registration process – recertification as well as “new referee”.

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