Please be patient as we weather through these events.  We have moved to conducting Virtual courses for Referee registration.

The in-person field session for the balance of the 2020 “Grassroots Recertification” and “New Grassroots Referee” courses will be moved to both an additional on-line portion, and a portion in a Zoom video conference meeting with our Instruction team (collectively referred to as the “Virtual Course”).  No in-person field sessions will be held for the remainder of the 2020 registration period.

We are in the process of finalizing the additional on-line and Zoom video conference portions (the Virtual Course), and hope to roll those out soon, notifying by email, all those who have already signed up for a course (Recert or New Referee).

With schools being closed until April 6th or 13th, we hope that many will be able to partake of the additional on-line and Zoom video conference meetings before school resumes or during the spring vacation.

We anticipate that the Virtual courses will be approximately:

Grassroots Recertification:  2 1/2 hours additional on-line and 2 ½ hours for the Zoom video conference meeting (vs the 5-hour cancelled in-person field session.

New Grassroots Referee:  4 hours additional on-line and 4 hours for the Zoom video conference meeting (vs the 8-hour cancelled in-person field session).

All the Zoom meetings will require the download of the Kahoot! App, and a computer or tablet to which the Zoom App has been downloaded.

The Zoom video conference will not be location specific, that is, you will be able to sign up for or be transferred to a Virtual course whether you live in Kenosha, or Eau Claire, or points between.  If you are already signed up for a Recert or New Referee course, you will notify as to which Virtual course you would like to be transferred into so your payment and completed assignments will follow to the Virtual course.  Please DO NOT register for another course or you will charged additionally for that course and many headaches are created.

We recommend signing up or getting transferred into a Recert or New Referee course in the US Soccer Learning Center soonest so you can pick the Virtual course that best meets your timeframe.

Again, we, as volunteers, are working through this, and again ask for your patience, and your understanding.

Thank you.

Thomas Mesalk
Registrar, State Referee Committee
Wisconsin Soccer Referee Development Program and

2020 Registration & Courses and
Attitude – Aptitude – Performance

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