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By Jon Schrantz|September 3, 2019|News, News|

As of Sept 1,2019, the Wisconsin Program for Referee Development will be partnering directly with US Soccer when certifying and registering Referees, Instructors, Assignors, or Coach/Mentors (formerly Assessors).  Changes in License names and requirements also have been implemented.  License fees and names are listed at the bottom of this notification.

There are now two components required in order for a Referee to meet requirements for the 2020 certification period.  ALL Referees or those wishing to become Referees MUST log into the US Soccer Learning Center and create a personal profile page.  This profile must be created for both Recertifying Referees and New Referees.  If recertifying please verify your name is listed exactly as it is on your USSF Referee Registration Card to avoid any individual record errors (if not, or you have two USSF ID#s, please contact sue@wisref.org and tom@wisref.org before proceeding).  If you are a minor you must have an individual email address and you may have a secondary (parental) email available to list in the profile.

The US Soccer Leaning Center site is https://learning.ussoccer.com/referee/.  Once the profile has been created the first requirement for 2020 certification is to complete ALL online US Soccer assignments.  The second requirement is to attend an In-Person session.  All Referees, both Recertifying and New,  must complete the Grassroots Referee Online Course, Introduction to Safe and Healthy Playing Environments, and the Grassroots Referee Certification Quiz.  If you are 18 years of age or older you must also submit to US Soccer’s background check which is good for a 2-year period and complete the SafeSport Training.

The online assignments must be completed at least 48 hours prior to attending the In-Person session for certification.  We encourage you to complete all online requirements immediately to ensure being eligible to attend the In-Person session you have chosen.

Courses will be scheduled and posted in the US Soccer Learning Center in the coming months.  Referee Recertification courses will start after November 1st, and New Referee courses will start after January 1st.  Both types of courses will run through the end of March, at various locations throughout the state; you may have to travel just a bit to find a course which meets your schedule.  Walk-ups to an In-Person session are NOT ALLOWED under this new process.

Change is occurring for us all, and there will be snafus along the way.  We appreciate your patience and support.

                         Course Fee $30.00                             Background Check Fee $30.00

                        New License Name                                                     Registration Fee

Grassroots Referee License (formerly Gr 7, 8, 9)                     $40.00

Regional Referee License (formerly Gr 5, 6)                            $75.00

National Referee License                                                         $100.00

Emeritus Referee Regional & National                                     $75.00

Grassroots Futsal Referee                                                          $45.00

Grassroots Assessor Referee (formerly Assessor)                  $45.00

Regional Assessor (formerly State Assessor)                          $75.00

Grassroots Instructor (formerly Instructor)                            $45.00

Regional Instructor (formerly State Instructor)                      $75.00

Grassroots Referee Mentor                                                        $45.00

Referee Coach                                                                             $75.00

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