Referee Assessment/Upgrade Criteria

By Joe Krzyzaniak|April 9, 2013|Assessors, News, Referees, Upgrade|

In an effort to maintain consistency between State and National Referee Program policy, the Wisconsin Program for Referee Development (WisRef) has adopted US Soccer’s Referee upgrade and assessment process for those individuals seeking to retain their level, or attain the next level.

Performance on the field will remain the top priority for Referees and those who have been asked to observe. The requirements for Referees to obtain the proper field assessment(s) remain unchanged.

All current level 8,7,6,5 Referees expressing intent to upgrade, or levels 7, 6, and 5 who wish to recertify at their present grade must request game assessments through the website. Some subtle changes within the upgrade requirements will occur. ALL assessments will be required to be filed through the WisRef assignment site ( whether the Assessors are assigned as a WisRef-requested assessment, or assigned directly by the State Director of Assessment (Tom Mesalk – The 2 for 1 makeup of a failed assessment no longer is in effect.

As part of the new process to determine progress in an individual’s development as a Referee, a Selection Panel will review all of a Referee’s field assessments within that calendar year. All aspects of the Referee’s commitment to the game, Youth and Adult game experiences, State and Regional Cups, travel commitment to games outside their immediate location, attitude, fitness, along with items of positive affect that the Referee may have exhibited to other members of our Referee Program will be reviewed. Assessors should concentrate on providing Referees with areas to improve upon, and document it for the Referee’s future reference. A “score” will no longer be the highest priority placed on a single game experience.

The Selection Panel will meet at the end of each calendar year or more often as necessary, and approve or deny an upgrade request by reviewing Assessor feedback, Referee game and personal experience, along with other items noted in one’s Referee portfolio. No longer will one game make it or break it for an individual’s opportunity to upgrade or maintain grade.

The 2013 Wisconsin Program for Referee Development Selection Panel shall consist of:

  • Margaret Domka –FIFA Referee
  • Kyle Trimble – National Referee
  • James Walter – National Referee
  • Joe Krzyzaniak – SRA
  • Tom Mesalk – SDA
  • Salvador Garcia – SYRA
  • Jon Schrantz – SDI
  • Jonathan Meersman – USYSA Region II Referee Administrator
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