State Cup Referees

By Kyle Trimble|April 5, 2013|Assignments, News, Referees|

If you want to referee state cup you must go and self certify yourself to the state cup league. To do so, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Please log in to
  2. Make sure you are in Group 1233 (WisRefAssigning) as an Official (Click Change Identity if not)
  3. Click on My Preferences
  4. Click on the drop down of League/Tournament Preferences
  5. Select the box for STATE CUP SPRING 2013
  6. Click Save (Modify Preferences)

After you self certify yourself, update your blocks over May 23rd to May 27th and June 1st and 2nd. I expect no declines. If you turn back a game you run the risk of being taken off your state cup games.

Self Certifying yourself DOES NOT Guarantee assignments.

Again you will not be assigned if you do not self certify.

I will begin Assignment this weekend through April 30th.

Thanks everyone for all your hard work…..


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